One Punch Man Episode 13

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One Punch Man Episode 13 – Release date: Unknown

There is still not an official release date for the new season of One Punch man, Like our Facebook page to be up-to-date !

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One Punch Man Episode 13 – Title: Unknown

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  • IchBinRahjeed

    “SEASON 2”

    • Paaru Yagami

      “EPISODE 13”

      • Tedenti

        Episode 13 is not the beginning of Season 2. It’s simply the next episode in the series.

        • Paaru Yagami

          This isn’t an episode

    • Reysel Mendez

      Is Season 2 Episode 13 itself? Will it be released as Episode 13? I am so confused.. So is the next episode “Episode 13” will be “Season 2” of One Punch Man?

      I love this show… this is the very first anime show I’ve ever watched… probably one of my best first anime show… So the next “Episode 13” Season 2 itself?

      I’m worried that the Next Season 2 of One Punch Man would have its name changed or something like One Punch Man 2… Yes,, this is my first anime show so I still don’t know the concept of anime shows /:-D

      • injustice

        two-punch msn lol

  • crion1998


  • Nathan Miller

    Hurry up pls

    • Twotlet Sprekle

      Don’t hold your breath… This is a new season we are talking about. The first season took up about 100 chapters, and if the second season takes up the same pace, it will be a while before we see a second season.

      • SomeRadomGod

        41 is not quit 100

        • Twotlet Sprekle

          I guess the source I read it from couldn’t count then lol

          • OMGBBQWTF

            Only 41 out of 100+ chapters were made into anime (OPM Season one)
            The second season will be most likely about the Human monster Garou

      • Nathan Miller

        I know, I’m just very impatient :)

  • Boob Licker

    this will be cool!!! 😀

  • Blue_eyed_creature

    Yes pls!

  • Leon

    Can’t wait for season 2!

  • salahaa

    how many episodes in one man punch

  • Ringo de Kroon

    it would be cool on later stage, his mom and dad is not the real mom and dad he was adapted and he was a alien , and now he gona find for his true parents with alien battles :p

    • revolvermd

      the fuck you smoking bro?

    • AndySG

      So basicaly superman?

    • Ringo de Kroon

      Would just be awesome :) his power is just inhuman… Some how the power of a certain series got transered to him…

    • Robbie :D

      Nah, that’d be boring. One of the best things about Saitama is the fact that he got superhuman strength from regular training, it’s funny xD

    • Diamante Dell Ortre

      be better if some one genetically cloned him :) – so he had to fight himself lol

  • marcel

    does sombody now why the video freezes after the ad

    • Art

      Because it’s not actually out yet

  • Soong WanJun

    this story can go on further I think can surpass Bleach or Fairy Tail (well if the manga over there should get real serious deal enemy that can full combat with Saitama) now to think it all anime i watched Saitama is strongest Character In all time Anime/Manga (if you have any Anime/Manga that stronger then Saitama REPLY ME PLEASE~~~~ 😀 )

    • Ahmad Alzarraq

      i think even superman will lose to him

      the last enemy represent guko from dragon ball same attacks everything

      • Soong WanJun

        to think that Saitama has the punch that more overpower the superman and Saitama has very strong body which almost similar to Superman

        • Arkan

          Superman can break a dimension

          • Soong WanJun

            Superman is already develop very far story so if u wanna compare the current Superman with current saitama then would be unfair

        • bruh

          goku can destroy planets vegata and the rest of dragon ball z characters are much stronger except yamacha or maybe he is but in what way can anyone comper superman to goku all goku will do is destroy the sun or use a kamehameha that will rip his body to shreds

          • Soong WanJun

            but this universe has more then one sun as you know if goku really did destroy the sun only superman need to do is to find another one ?

          • Timmy

            If you watch the last episode of One Punch Man. He face Gerugyanshoop, enemies with blackhole skill. Saitama just stand next to it, and make blackhole failed sucks everything because Saitama blocks it xD

    • tabbs

      no, i think dragon balls have still characters to show. but still, i like how the creator creates his story, the way saitama fights.

      • tabbs

        *still have

      • Soong WanJun

        yeap but I`m very sure the result are very obvious

    • dave


    • OneManPunch

      i disagree this manga is not even close to bleach or fairy tail but more equal to dragon ball series its bigger then all manga ever… if they want to make it

    • Michael Hansen

      …You do know that this whole show is meant to be a joke right? It is basically making fun of all other animes that have a deep story and character development and just give you a character that literally beats everything lol. Sure it was great but it wont ever be one of the best story animes due to no character development and its focus on only humor mainly. Again loved the show, buy the say it can bypass a show like bleach is silly.

      • Silver Koffee

        And of course it makes you want to keep a strict workout routine, am I right?

      • Sergeant Gutter

        There are a few story lines that can come from these first 12 episodes – the source of OPM’s power, Metal King, the remaining S class who didn’t show their abilities, Mask, lifeforms able to fight on par with OPM, Genos’ link to Metal Knight, the 1st ranked S-class hero – and with those they can expand and develop (including characters) the story. It doesn’t drag on like Bleach does either.

      • roiwnvfoem

        >thinks character development = getting stronger and nothing else

    • poney

      sorry to say , but the master of beerus in dbz is MUUUUCH stronger than saitama

    • James Gerth

      Well Zeref is immortal and can kill anyone instantly. So there’s that.

  • OneManPunch

    the next Dragon ball Like series of manga i love the bald guy … his funny hahaha

  • Timmy

    I love the idea of this anime. The creators just twisted the storyline, different than the others. Main character is the last boss for the bad side.

  • Paaru Yagami

    First Komori-san and now this, giving us episodes that are literally jut recaps or advertisments!

    • BOB

      this is just a recap?

  • Saitamazu

    January 29 is the release date of the season two of one punch man episode 13

  • Silver Koffee

    Next episode is going to be released on January 28th or 29th, depending on where you live. Man, this is going to be sweeeeeet!

    • Ty

      How do you know?

    • Ruffle333

      nope its just afucking teaser not even 2 minutes long

  • itai

    can’t wait!!!!!!!!! watched it for the 4th time!!!

  • Amirul Izzudin

    I think Saitama is a god thats similar to buddha.. yknow, baldy head and attack combo with lot of hands.. ring a bell?

    • Franzis Labao

      lots of hands? but he’s called one punch…….man

    • YourMAMA

      Idiotic detected

    • Guestguy

      saitama is where the author of the one punch man webcomic is from.

  • thomdidou

    i think Saitama is a Saiyan but he dont know it yet :p

    • bossboy

      no he’s this

  • Emperor Shanks

    i m so sick of wating episode 13, when it will be published i ll giv f*** ing damn to this OPM anime

  • OpmBigestFan

    Season 2?

  • ruffle333

    i waited a whole month for this shit!!!!!!! just for it to be a teaser!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me!!!!!!

  • Rajiv Sporkslede

    Dammmm I waiting for episode 13…. I thought they were done.

  • bossboy


  • bossboy


  • Hokage Andot

    i think saitama is a god of the saiyan he just got bullhead when since he’s birth.just nobody know it even son guko…lol

  • Anime Is Saitama


  • VolatileConspirator

    i give you saitamas true form

  • Jan Robin Hauglid

    weee are waiting!!

  • xss

    das ist ne wiederholung

  • filthpig22

    Still waiting…

  • DanzeiNazo

    Season 2 is confirmed now

  • UwotM8?!

    Who will win saitama or chuck Norris?