One Punch Man : The Ninja Who is Too Complicated

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One punch man OVA – The Ninja Who is Too Complicated


  • Gabriele Ferlatti

    English version : ?

    • maged

      yes where

      • fatman

        yes where it has been 5 hours since last asked where

    • Shivam Agrawal

      Is that your Cat ? 😀

  • zcarfaz

    where’s the eng sub?

  • ForeverAlone08

    Where. Is. The. Subbed. Version.

  • Ash


    • Dean247

      he did XD

  • Ahmed Isam

    I cannot wait for the subbed version to be released.

  • 8White8

    I knew there weren’t going to be english subs, and was slightly disappointed, and then I started watching and saw chinese subs, and being the fluent chinese speaker and reader I am, I started laughing maniacally in front of my family 😂

    • Tanxy Touche

      Lucky you I know three languages but the only useful one when it comes to anime is English

  • Bruno Martins

    I wish i could understand japanese.

  • Some Asian

    So happy im Chinese , ican read the subs ;D

    • Lol

      Liar its japanese lmao

      • Oh yeah

        Are you serious? Surely you can’t be. There’s no way you’re serious.

  • Takashi Mahiko

    the day after the release date,subs for every ova are available

  • Trollew

    waited so long for this episode and it’s just 12 minutes…. wtf.

  • Paulo

    I really like one punch man but this ovas are a joke compared with the 12 episodes. The art style is way down and we dont see any real fighting scenes. Saitama only makes an aperance for 1 minute and that’s it. I hope that the second season is comming and that we all can be excited like we were on the first one :) what do you guys think? Am I the only one thinking like this?

    • Tomfom

      I think they’re monthly teasers to keep the hype alive. I mean, the next season is probably going to chew through the whole Garou thing, so that will be worth waiting for.

    • Dat Teen Who Games

      Naw bro same here
      Friggin they need to at least give us a release date
      or an approximation of it

  • shurname

    I wonder what does the hunter Frank think that happened…

    That Ino mastered kamehameha years ago and saved him?

    • Slacker オタクOtakuオタク

      could be !

  • Sandwich O’Hulahan

    he keeps hitting me in the dick

    • bro

      DBZ abridged, nice

  • Mukul Shende

    is it possible that since saitama eats some of his opponents(bear+tendril monster) ,he might got so powerful from it?

  • Shivam Agrawal


  • yoyo

    release date for one punch man ova 4 ??

  • Quốc Hưng

    it’s only 1 episode and we have to wait like a month to watch it? for real?

  • John Curiel

    Am I the only one here who thinks Ino is cute? I adore piglets.