One Punch Man: Bang, Who is Too Overbearing

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One punch man OVA – Bang, Who is Too Overbearing


  • math student

    ova every month ….new season every 3 years :( why !!!!

    • thomas uijtendaal

      i tink the second season will begins in November

  • Tanxy Touche

    He should have destroyed him

  • Peyton James Knight Bloom

    Why is the 4th OVA only 12 minutes long?!? WHY CAN’T I FIND A FULL EPISODE!!!

  • ghostgamer10

    I think this one is the weakest OVA until know, and this after we waited so long :(
    But never the less I’m already looking forward to the next episode

  • Quốc Hưng

    ya working so long

  • asdasda

    This quality gave me cancer