One Punch Man : A Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close

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One punch man second OVA – A Shadow That Snuck Up Too Close

  • Paul Vîrlan

    only 3:52 ?

    • Tomo

      what it is 12:30 you drunk or something?

      • FrigoreRex

        He meant that it was 03:52 o clock

        • Tomo


  • LOY

    I don’t know why, but I kinda liked the ending song 😀

    • John Park

      maybe because of the cute dancing and characters

  • Aurora

    Damn, This is my first ova, don’t judge. I was on point, and the twist that this is the episode in between really got my heart warmed. this anime is bound to be a success 100%

  • Ham Za

    I wish they never stop making One Punch Man best anime ever

  • Manan Aggarwal


  • Akashi_Is_Love_Akashi_Is_Life

    Omg they need to make more stalker Genos based episodes/ovas and why not movies?!

  • Spud

    >_> who ate my fry never go and jacked someone esles fries

  • Crown

    OMG ! GENOS be a stalker -_-

  • willky flame

    this soundtrack tho

  • Edgar Adriasin Gusila

    I wonder who is that girl? but shes cute and nice for saitama ahaha!