One Punch Man Episode 9

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One Punch Man Episode 9

One Punch Man Episode 9 – Title: Unyielding Justice

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  • Shizuku Mrn

    seriously.. I can’t wait this Ep :(( so interesting…

  • Dodo

    Great now only 6 days 21 hours and 45 minutes to go

  • Man

    Can’t fling wait anymore I want it now ep9

  • Senpai

    Man please

  • Renee Andrews

    Only 4 days to go……..0.0 I’m not gonna make it

  • Awesome Sayian

    4 days….. I cant make it tell my family I love them and tell my future life I wont make it too the wedding!#!# rip Jk xDDDDDDDDDDDDD this is best show of 2015 hurrry up!#!#

  • Geno

    Three more days D:

  • batata

    3 more days goddammit

    • EAA5656 O


  • Ba™aN

    Cant wait too long…*_*

  • AnimoTime

    Can’t Wait.

  • Bald Man

    ugh.. ep 9 damn it!
    cant wait any longer…..

  • wot


  • ohMrRager

    Just one more day!

    • agelos

      fck this anime

      • Fozzy


      • robotoboy20

        Look, I was completely against it too, but now… I love it. It makes fun of all the manime out there in the best way. It’s hilarious, never takes itself seriously… always puts its humor and slapstick ahead of it’s plot and the best part of it all – The action is fucking amazing. It’s like pure eye candy – has amazing music… and I never get involved with the characters. I just watch to see what hilarious insanity happens each time.

        • Martin Sibara

          You sir, read my mind completely. The humour in this anime is freakin epic. The anime does not take itself seriously. I just love how stupid the make the main character look until he shows off. its just epic. That face (below) does not say im a badass. But boy oh boy this guy is just far too much. Wait till you see him fight against Boros. If you haven’t already read the manga.

        • Wallace Quinn

          As if this episode isn’t a character driven MASTERPIECE.

      • Joe Komplaski

        Fck this anime awesome*

        fixed it for you. No need to thank me.

  • Karl Malicosio

    hey can you make it more faster maybe 3 days or something :B man one week is hell

  • Adam Kadmani

    You left us on such a freaking cliff hanger! 1 DAYYYY 😮

  • anonomous

    cant wait…….

    • Magelhaes.

      NOOOOOOO GOD WHYYY!!!!! 4 more hours left WHAAYPAYZAZ
      Awesome anime beautiful design and and inspiring character.

  • Michael Kravits

    AhhhhahahahhahahAHAHAH I AM going to SHIT myself if I won’t see the 9 ep
    Please for the love of god hurry
    “ONLY 17 hours 35 min 12 sec to go

  • NoLife Volumina

    is there an exact time ?

    • Ffxjjbkddsdv


  • batata

    GODDAMIT 20 fucking hours of my life needs to be wasted fast suggestions? i can’t wait >.<

  • Tev

    Sat here watching the counter.

  • Creepers Swankin

    only 20 hours left c’mon! 😀

  • That one guy

    IeiosjdjkwkaijwiaunAjJeii jssjeujdjjejajjejns fuck one more day I can’t take it

  • azoz

    its today

    • Abhinav Sharma

      Yeah but 20 hours post your comment was posted


    16 hours!! im gonna die!

    • Abhinav Sharma

      I am dying save me baka

  • Charuzu


  • Charuzu

    Gad dammit do i really have to wait?!?

  • Ameer Ali

    the old man silverfang looks like killua’s grandpa from unter x hunter

  • FcisGaming

    14 hours left!

  • FireGodGenos


  • FireGodGenos

    13 hours left!

    • Abhinav Sharma

      Makes me anti sachi you commented 2 hours ago that means Levin fucking hours that means 9 pm in India fuck

  • genos

    just release 10 episodes on Monday inspite of fucking 1, this thing takes the nerve on me

    • Abhinav Sharma

      Fuck yra

  • Levi Revaille Senpai

    CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!

    • Abhinav Sharma

      Me too this wait is killing me

  • Abhinav Sharma

    Seriously fuck em anime before I know I will become Japanese from a weaboo

  • albert

    They made a awesome anime and just sending one episode at a time I’m gonna die waiting for this

  • Josh Pevitt


  • Tejas Bagade

    fuck the adds

  • John Aaron Ramos Calle

    where is it?!!!!!!!!!!! FUUUU~~~~~!!!

    • John Aaron Ramos Calle


  • Sachi

    Hopefully it’ll arrive by the time I wake up. Time to sleep until ONE PUNCH MAN arrives and makes my life better ~

  • KilluaGodspeed

    *nipples hardening*

  • unknown

    7 more hours f*** >_<

  • Inny Holmes

    How much time left? ;-; I Cant Wait

  • zAthena

    This is a really good anime. I haven’t anticipated a show like this in a while! I hope it makes a ton of money so we get more!!!!

    • Edward Jasw

      then . you need to stop watching piracy stuff. like this site.

      • ProsGaming

        its not pirate, then, how can they improve their anime if this anime is not on the web. surely, they’ll go down easily.
        use ur mind dude.

        • Edward Jasw

          but people not paying them for their work. one punch man also available on hulu,crunchyroll. they need million $ to make a 12 episode season.

          • floris koek

            so were can we watch it where we do support it? all my love goes to these makers.

          • daw

            hulu and crunchyroll use there ad revenue to pay the creater… its not piracy

  • RaDiOAcTiVe

    HYPEE only 6 hours

  • abra

    its already nov 29, WHERE’S THAT EPISODE 9,

    ireally love this anime. I CAN’T WAIT ANY LONGER

  • bruh

    i cant wait anymore!!😡

  • Testicle_Sauce

    4. More. Gut wrenching. Mother loving. Hours…. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shady Elkholy

    4 HOURS TO GO!!!! >.<

  • Eurk

    when will this be out?

  • Fely Max Razel Dilinila


  • Kawaaai

    2 hours!!!!! i can’t waaaait

  • Mija

    I can’t anymore….i’m literally dying

  • Nataniel

    The last few hours seems like days,even worse when youre stoned

  • Griffin Fox

    where the episode?

    • Water

      It’s in 2 hours.

  • Plinio Hernandez

    I cant wait!! 😜😜

  • Amarizan

    Como on! 2 hours left.

  • Cranburri


  • Xia Abaisa


  • Mike

    49 mintues left, literally busting my balls, come on brooooooo

    • QQ

      is it the raw that comes out or the sub in 40 minutes?

      • Mike

        Not sure tbh

  • Antonio Daniel

    my body can’t take this kind of trauma pls one punch pls

  • Equstina


  • InsaneNachAnime

    only 24 minutes and 30 seconds …..JUST STAY CALM LETZ JUST STAY CALM !!!

    • notice me senpai

      until sub or raw?

  • Erelina Jenkins

    10 Min now

  • James D Douglas

    10 minutes! 10 …Minutes! …10 Minutes!! 10 MINUTES?!! Okay I’ll just listen to some Dream Theatre than. :)

    • Andy Lin

      I can’t wait !!xd

    • Theo Carter

      Love me some DT

  • Daniel Lehman

    Wee ha

  • Romium

    Ah… this episode was so good :D. I’m craving for the next one……

  • Drangin


  • Dodo

    is it just me or did the sound quality drop since last episode

    • Jiorgon

      Everything seems of worst quality yeah :/.

  • DoctorSpoiler

    Waiting Tatsumaki and Saitama meet in the next episode lol

  • EggHead

    Best part of this episode is by keep replaying the part where Saitama’s head got hit by the Sea King. @9:17

    • Boioioioing!

  • Damino021


  • Zhane Mountain


    • Jivana

      Lol the fight will be by far the second most exciting upcomings

  • Raymond Yu

    I get that this anime is all fun and games, but seriously his punch was so powerful it blew away the rain. How does anyone not notice that?

    • lol

      His normal punch is half of the big bang, but he is already op, and always hold back, so that was nothing.

      • IvaintheMCbuilder

        not quite half the big bang, but at this point in the story he’s already shown the power of a small nuke



  • Domino Miso

    So now we must wait 6 days and 22 Hours WHY NOT


    i like this show because every epp is like watching when goku comes from namek and destroys the genu force after they fucked up his crew

  • Rhydian

    I love this anime so much XD It’s gotta be a new top 5 favourite for me. Aw man, now i gotta wait yet another week for episode 10! It’ll be totally worth it, though, as always!

    • Jivana

      Its manga out ranks classics like naruto as first in most websites

  • Solka

    This anime is getting shit, finnaly i was expecting something more than just regular finish fight with one punch against this sea king…yet the same conclusion. It’s getting boring

    • Anmitsu

      Next battle will be longer :)

    • GreatWolf

      Man I wonder what this anime is called…

      Watching the other heroes fight should fill the void of Saitama one shotting them.

      • solka

        I mean it was worth watching other heros to lose, which made the fight possibly into something new….yet the conclusion is the same.

        • lol

          Well of course, it’ One Punch Man, plus he is always holding back.

          • Solka

            This is why the main storyline is getting boring if every fight finishes at the same conclusion. I was expecting something more like he would have some small difficulties at least.

          • apm

            This story is more of a spotlight on how the side characters develop compared to saitama. I think saitama’s time will come when he learn something for himself. But I like the way he is now :p

    • Reyes

      Just wait for Boros and Garou

  • Jan Miller

    again waiting 7 days… :(

  • AnonymousPunch

    i love this anime have sense and lesson :)

  • ASupremeAlpha

    great… now another week ;-;

  • DarkAssKnight


  • Ion Meth


  • mugiwara

    I NEED MORE ~.~

  • adni

    Cant Wait For Episode 10 and 11 cuz 10 is only gonna inteduce the monster then episode 11 they are gonna fight
    :) Super Exited wish i can skip Days

  • Marc

    That was cool.. but still the world’s impression for saitama is still a dick.. tsk

  • pc master race

    we need more MORE MORE MORE!!!!!

  • Jordan Burnett

    It’s almost like this show is intentionally making fun of stereotypical anime quotes but then uses them to drive its bad ass story.I love this anime.

  • nothingisokay

    It’s great how Saitama prefers to be grounded.low..humble with that invincible power when others just with rank brag and try to do stuff that saitama wouldn’t give a shit about.

  • cruno

    f*ck this adds

  • i wanna be one punch man

    I’ve never seen any other heroes as mature and as strong as Saitama. He’s gotten so many chances to make himself famous and respected but he never cares about those. ONE PUNCH MAN AWESOME

    • Kristian Estolatan

      actually he wants to be famous.he just don’t want efforts to be in vain

  • [pizza

    mother loving its so fuking short

  • DZ4N

    Make the duration to 1 HOUR!!!!

  • Nathan Miller

    Ive’ been watching this on YT in 360p…. and it’s right here D:

  • Itz Lissy

    THATS IT!!??!?!?!?

  • rolenz

    one punch man sucks

  • Ameer Ali

    that fuck up guy is bitching saying him a fraud … im losing my mind … should have let him taste his punch

  • Jordan Navarro

    How to download the video

  • Cardi

    I love Mumen Rider, so heroic and one of a kind!

  • Azhadi Asyraf Mohamad

    ayyy waiting for episode 10 for another 6days ffs…

  • McTwisted

    AWWWWW another week :'(

  • magicjohnstoned

    Whew. The fight scene was portrayed really intense! The anime is really good!


    I cant WAIT to see the fight between Saitama and Garou in motion. DAMN!

  • Greg

    the only thing the little arrogant boy said right was that the ranks dont matter

  • Hari


  • Obito

    best anime for me in 2015

  • misterno327

    Can someone please tell me whats the song taht starts at 3:50 called? i tried looking it up on google adn going through all the soundtracks that i found but nothing :C

  • At least he got promoted.

  • Christopher Sambur

    Since I watch One Punch Man,
    Suddenly Monday becomes AWSOME!

  • SaRK350

    Haahah damn.. I was waiting for ethernety for that One Punch against the Deep Sea King to be animated.. Pure awesomnes.. And umm now, I don’t wont to mix DC into this, but I can’t remember I have ever seen Super Man do this..

    Also soo f*cking hyped about the alien invaders arc… It’s gonna be brutal. And I’m glad that this anime got superb animation, anything less simple would have not done it right.

  • Faris AmeerWHOlove anime

    those people so fk!!!!! they dont trust saitama!!!!!

  • Gerard

    It won’t play for me…

  • IvaintheMCbuilder

    and this is where it stops working for me. I can end the ads, but it just doesn’t load. Guess I’ll have to move to another site eh?

  • aloeale

    mumen rider just became my new favorite, too cute!!

  • Guy

    Well that was heart touching

  • Akashi_Is_Love_Akashi_Is_Life

    Saitama’s the best but the bicycle guy is growing on me XD