One Punch Man Episode 6

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One Punch Man Episode 6

One Punch Man Episode 6 – Title: The Terrifying City

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  • Duneil Vaughan

    its the 8th today right

    • Ruben Van ‘t Hek

      there is no specific time set so just refreshing my page every 30 minutes

      • Kiiro Akira Yaru

        Look at the top right of the page

        • Ruben Van ‘t Hek

          i am derp

  • AnimoTime

    just 5 minute left to start airing on japan.

  • Batoyzkie Sarapacla

    lol its already 9

    • Pleiades

      same here (GMT+8)

  • Ned Stark

    is it still uploading?

  • saow and im not a bot…

    Wasn’t this already uploaded a week ago?

  • Nilesh

    awesome episode, can’t wait for next one.

  • What the?

    i cant watch it.. WHY?

  • Luis Rubiera

    is there any problem with the video? i cant load it…

  • Ebola-Chan

    tfw no qt petite, flying, telekinetic gf

    • Andy

      Good luck!

  • Gohan

    yeah one punch man is back oh yeah

  • CyberCloud

    Where To Download This Episode???Can’t Find It :(

  • confecta

    i love this series. it’s freaking awesome 😀 been waiting for a series where the main character dident have to go threw endless trials where he almost dies. seeing how a life would be when he is so strong no1 can beat him makes it just a perfect new angle to the hero perspective.

  • Khiana Clyn Dominguez

    this is one of the coolest and funniest anime ever ^_^ he looks dumb but the power that he have is more than super man or son guku haha ^_^

    • Dahviess Jones

      I highly recommend you take it back before a tsunami 12 year olds tear you apart. :)

      • Non-Dragon’s Balls Fan

        Are you ?

  • MrNice

    this series is freeking awsome man i can,t wait to see more………….

  • Mackenzie Hillard

    Maybe Saitama got his god-like abilities from eating all the monsters he defeats … I mean, he did beat up a crab to begin with …

  • luke Tietjen

    yo what the freak is with this stupid tv thing loading green over and over that wont let me watch this amazing shit.

  • Noobongo

    Am I the only one having trouble starting to watch a video here on phone?

  • lol

    the sound level dropped in this episode…

  • Mukul Shende

    server not found in 6th episode !!!