One Punch Man Episode 5

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One Punch Man Episode 5

One Punch Man Episode 5 – Title: The Ultimate Mentor

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  • AnimoTime

    Waiting For Episode 6.

  • Maurz

    This anime is probably one of the best anime.. ever. I love the genos vs. saitama scene SO MUCH

  • Dodo

    I just noticed saitamas sweater says oppai (boobs).

    • i wanna be one punch man

      omg it even have the design of bloody boobs and nipple lmao i didn’t notice

  • Brandon

    This site sucks :(

    • Brandon

      Can’t even watch the video because of 5 ads in a row on player

      • Grimm

        You just close the ads dude not complicated

      • Potatoes4Life

        just download adblocker plus onto your web browser. I never had any issues and I never experienced any ads.

      • IvaintheMCbuilder

        just watch 1 for conscience’s sake, then turn on adblock.

  • john

    whats with the knock sound every 7 seconds????????????/

    • William

      on the web to the right theirs a messaging thing just exit it

  • Lordoomer

    This one is the strongest guy we ever seen, what do we do with him ? Just make him pass the broom with the other C…

  • Kaw

    This is the 20 time I’m watching this my siblings are begging for the next episode epiosode 13 I think

  • Xavier Wood

    So like, half the links to full screen the videos are just not working

  • Genos and Saitama will probably get shipped eventually.

    • Max

      what do you mean “eventually”