One Punch Man Episode 12

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One Punch Man Episode 12

One Punch Man Episode 12 – Title: The Strongest Hero

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  • smokey

    selling vm5 +15 weapon warrior

    • dankmann


    • ase7462

      is tht like tetris?

    • roiwnvfoem

      haha wow, do people still play guild wars?

  • Dodo

    This might be the last episode ):

    • ciguana

      their 13 episode and some upcoming ova

      • ciguana


  • Rem Shin

    Who else watched all of this in one day? hahaha

    • Manidweep.b Reddy

      me!! and beat this i finished attack on titan in one day

  • Joshua Owens

    Overall, it was pretty good.

  • XXkillingcrescentXX

    3 Days and 6 Hours. Fuck. My. Life.

  • Iman~_~

    damn i watched the whole episode until 11 in one day…………..
    and I’ve gotta wait until Sunday to wait for the last episode of this season
    Then maybe wait until next year for the next season to come. who knows tho~~

    • Alexis

      They are only doing one season.

      • Iman~_~

        Who knows maybe they’re going to make Season 2. Maybe just late

      • Saitama

        they will do season 2 probably.. The profit they made out of one punch man is… Big..

      • Przemek Skibinski

        They actually WILL make a new season. It’s confirmed already 😉 😀

  • Cesar Æ

    Still Waiting for the last episode….

  • bubooi

    why this would be the last ? :(

    • Edward Jasw

      But I found other sites upload episodes faster like opmlive

  • Ilham Saputra

    What the last?,i just once know this is would be the last :(

  • Ifan

    man i watch it in 2 day and i have to wait 2 days for ep 12.
    how great..

  • Saitamas Middle Finger

    Well my dear One Punch Man aficionados this is it, or so I’ve been told, the last episode of the season. We’ve seen nothing but continuous banter from this hilarious show and sadly it must come to an end. As gossip swirls around the proverbial anime drink cooler about another season lets not be so quick to dismiss the greatness that is Season 1. I myself will reside to a happier side of thinking and remember the most inspirational quote from our protagonist, “We’re Just here for food”, (Saitama ep. 7).

    • bruh


    • whiteperson2

      there is going to be a season 2 :)

      • Bernfried Jablonski


        • Remyria

          it’s written on the top of the page, dummy

          • person

            Thats a link because of expectations, if you go there the second sentence is “The first season has 12 episodes and the secon season is still not conformed.”

    • The answer

      There will be 24 episodes i think

      • ase7462

        i prefre 27

        • Saitama

          I prefer infinite…

    • Max

      the animator said they’re going to do their best to make season 2 a reality in a recent tweet, i’m so excited!!

  • FVCK you all

    Waitng for Ep. 12

  • imad dhaimy


  • Xeretius

    Just finished watching the series up until this point. I can’t wait for this episode. 0_0

  • Straw Hat


  • Nigga


    • Aeoka


      • The Anonymus Man

        Actually it’s tommorow.

        • Aeoka

          Ew. :/

          • Jake Roosenbloom

            Now in about 4 hours! YAY!

          • BLEH

            Now in a single hour.

  • Daniel’s the Ripper

    I gona die man i need to see that shaved head now

    • glen


  • Deewaes

    10.5 hours!

  • toushirou

    10 moar hours …

  • Aaron Serrano

    spoiler alert:
    he defeated boros with two super serious series move, one “consecutive normal punches” and “serious strike”

    the manga is awesome

    • randompersononnet

      burn in hell

    • asdasd


    • Camellicker

      Hell no you motherfucker

    • Jeff Wells



    I came here for episode 12 and because of watching 10 episodes I learned the average release date.

  • mugiwara

    whens it come out

  • Johnny Diogenesis Mitchell

    needs… to come. FASTERRRRR

  • Mina Sekibo

    This battle is epic, Lord boros punches saitama to the moon and because of less gravity he jumps right back to Earth…… The manga gave me goosebumps, wonder how the anime will be

    • Powe Angle

      why do you spoiler… noone wants that .. I hope its not the truth

  • Tahaki

    how many hours are left

  • Powe Angle


  • mugiwara

    how long omg

  • Garrey

    5 more hours -_-

  • Saitama Sensei

    5 hours left boys, and i will be in your entertainment! |:)

  • Wackade

    How long for ep12???

  • Saitama


  • whiteperson2

    i can’t fucking wait !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • blackperson7

    2h 35mn…….CAN’T WAIIIIT ANNYYYMORRRE!! i need to see this shaved head

  • One Punchhhhhhh

    2hr 21min and boros has his ass kicked!!

  • Daniel’s the Ripper

    Ok a few min to the big fight

    • KBgamer2010

      You call 2 hours a few minutes?

      • Nasser

        Hahaha lol

  • loopymccoy

    Will there be Season 2 or something? It’s too good to end here i need more…!

    • The answer

      i think there will be 24 Episodes

  • Sample Text

    1 hour 56 minutes 2 seconds and is 2 am
    what is life

  • Nilesh

    Get ready Saitama to get kicked to moon.

    • S Rish Banerjee

      But fact is saitama is not going to be defeted

  • A random cat

    Can’t wait!

  • xxxXXXxxx

    1 hr 8 mins and fuck

  • Astrobix

    tired of waiting. lol

    • AnakinBongWater

      same lol

    • Suspect Neighbor

      ok lets all jump off a building then

  • whiteperson2

    it need to hurry up

  • keena

    3 mins

    • Bernfried Jablonski

      Nothing happened then.

  • Kámàl Hássàn

    not sure if my net is slow or the buffer is a turtle.

    • Bernfried Jablonski

      Maybe you just suck.

      • Kámàl Hássàn


  • Skyfire

    5 min

    • Bernfried Jablonski

      They have to upload the episode first dumbass.

  • JesusChrist

    IS NOT PLAYING!!!!!!

    • Bernfried Jablonski

      You don’t say asshole.

  • asssasass

    Now i have to wait for something new

    • Luis Angel Ayala

      Read the manga.. it got more.

  • Beedle

    Jesus, if there is ever going to be a dub of this it’ll be right up FUnimation’s alley

  • tiger123


  • tiger123


  • Dodo

    I think i just shat myself

  • billy

    noooooooooo why does it have to end

  • Skyfire

    well that was a thing

  • Rhydonphilip

    YEs, now that i call an ending xD, i want more tho, i want storm VS saitama now P_P/////

    • AncientOtaku

      I think you mean Tornado vs Saitama…
      I personally would want Amai Mask vs Saitama

      • Thomas Rasmus

        I want Saitama to fight the metal dude whi salvaged the ship, could be interesting with his weapons and tricks :)

        • Aaron Serrano

          will happen on season two

        • Tarun Kumar Tella

          Anyway saitama will beat metal knight in one puch lol

    • Saitama a.k.a One Punch Man

      I want to kick the motherfucking assholes out of Terrible Tornado(fukin slut),Amai Mask(hypocritic bastard, Metal Knight(just a dickhead

      • Saitama a.k.a One Punch Man

        i had nothing to do….

  • Kyotic

    I expected more to be honest

  • Arnav Bose

    Killer series : Serious punch. What a fight

  • juice box

    serious punch………..

  • Sarah ☆4313-2130-6801☆

    omg yaasssssssss its out

  • Aaron Serrano

    read da manga

  • Greenfluffy

    I don’t know if anyone noticed but the kid at the very end is wearing a t-shirt with a cannabis leaf on :) I think this is my new favorite anime.

  • Lee Angelo Ariston

    hahaha! He just hate the One-Punch Enemies… (last part)

  • Squirreland

    One of the best series I’ve ever seen
    I quit watching anime for a year and a half because i got so addicted and it took away so much of my time when i needed to do homework… but when i saw the mosquito scene and several other scenes of opm in youtube i just KNEW i had to watch this one
    So i broke my principle of putting a pause in anime for a while and set my eyes on this series
    I enjoyed every moment of it and do not have an ounce of regret
    I say it’s a time well spent
    I can’t WAIT for season 2 :)

  • Jonathan Borda

    The second season just depends on the speed of the manga. I’ve been reading it for 4 years and they take for fucking ever to update. Hopefully they’ll speed up the process.

  • Sssshhhhh


  • Micah Octavion

    i wonder what his suit is made out of.
    satiama is literally punched to the moon and back, and there is not a tear in his suit.

    • IvaintheMCbuilder

      I call close-projection energy field. The favorite excuse for heroes not ending up naked each time they fight: Most resistant ones have an energy field a few millimeters from their skin, which includes their clothes.

  • Little sis

    27 hours FUCK. I can’t take it anymore

  • Little bro

    No 27 days

  • Lane Shockley

    Did anyone else notice the AT-AT in the background at the end? 20:43

  • Powe Angle

    anyone know when season 2 will come out?

  • one punch man

    seems like saitama enjoys pain. he doesnt bother fighting back in the beginning. horny much?

  • kaimashu

    please there be season 2 , 3, 4,5 6, 7 and so on ….. hahahah XD

  • Sannah

    Wow… Honestly glad I gave this a chance. I didn’t think I would like the series BC I’m a girl and I can only handle so much manime but this blew my expectations out of the water. The art,the story, the quirky one liners, everything about this anime is fucking gold. I could have easily binged this series in a day but I’m glad I waited for all the episodes to air so I can watch these at work. This goes in my top 5 anime, 5/7 perfect score.

  • Kmeleon

    I watched all the episodes in 7 hours, i am so tired…

    • Saitama-san

      Ye …me 2 . I think for everybody who watched OPM it took like a day to watch the whole season . now the waiting for S2 began.

  • Diego Gonzalez Gomez

    Totally worth it watching it in one day…now that feels of emptiness…

  • Hacktor Bumbard

    the music is awesome!

  • Mark Hendy

    I feel like saitama need’s one of those waifu’s that love’s him & she does not care that he is missing a lot of he’s emotions. + I think it’s would be Interesting/funny to see how she would even get saitama to even think about her in that way! I mean he’s badassness is over 9thousand!! witch being forceful {witch is what most anime women are like when it come’s to love} make’s it…..difficult.

    One more + I just feel bad for saitama! you know? he need’s someone to say “there there, don’t let some fight or how strong you are pull you down. To me you will always be a hero in my book’s that should look at the live’s you have saved not the one’s you have killed!, Now you come to me first if you ever feel like that again! or I’ll put 20 fly’s in a sealed room with ya! you got that!?” or I don’t know! {sorry I got a little carried away with that! aha~}. Anyway just something that get’s rid of the “gayness” surrounding the anime it’s self or put some “lesbianness” in it that would make it fair! I can deal with that. Just so it’s not just >some< of us men suffering though even seeing it! *sefer* but women as well. I don't know women may like that, Ah! I best just see what happen's in season 2 & accept it the best I can! I'm sure it will be awesome!! anyway! aha~

  • Emanuele Di Matteo

    Hi ! Just for ask, where is episode 12 ?!