One Punch Man Episode 11

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One Punch Man Episode 11

One Punch Man Episode 11 – Title: The Dominator of the Universe

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  • can’t wait

    6days 23hrs 2min 30sec for next episode … wish i could resist and wait for episode 11 and 12 but i don’t think thats possible T_T

  • Slick


  • rain

    waiting again in 1week……

  • Saitamas Middle Finger

    1. Please I don’t care how much it cost, I need for this to be the next longest running anime series ever.
    2. I absolutely died of laughter when Saitama said, “Yes…because I have nothing else to do”.
    3. I hope Saitama punches that Boss guy in his one eye.

    • josh

      i almost passed out from laughing so hard back when genos was fighting the mosquitoe chick and sitama just smacked her and she splattered all over that building.

      • Nilay Modak

        I laughed hard when there was a important fight going on between beetle and saitama and he said I will go on a rampage for the entire week and saitama was thinking abt that sale!

        • gab


        • Ezrad Lionel

          Next Week.. Saturday…

        • Sannah

          Late to the party but I wanted to contribute to everybody’s discussion on when they laughed the most! Lol i died when saitama was fighting the worlds strongest man in the first episode and the giant squashes his brother and the camera goes to siatamas face and its just a blank ‘:D’ stare. Lmao OR WHEN THE CAMERA GOES IN SLOW MOTION AND IT SHOWS HIM ACCIDENTALLY PUNCHING THAT DUDES BALLS IDKTHIS ANIME IS WILD FROM START TO FINISH

    • JustTooGoodForYOU


    • Anas Abbas Ali

      I hope Saitama doesnt punch. Because if he does the fight gets over in 1 minute. Which is disappointing.

      • Etsa

        To all of the people hoping this wont be over in one punch…. Ive got good news for you.

        • Guesticle

          two punch?

          • Error_404_Username_Not_Found

            About 3 or 4 punches total but 1 main punch that makes you question how serious Saitama has ever been.

      • Fahd Zagagh

        the fight ended in 0 seconde lol .

      • Saezuri

        oh you’re in for a big surprise

        • Martin Sibara

          yeah big surprise indeed. I read the manga and i can’t wait to see it in video.

      • George Branda

        yah, i read the manga to. but still, at the end boros is a bit disappointing…

    • THAT GUY

      i laughed hard ep 1-ALL ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • jghd

      Won’t happen, there isn’t enough source material, and it updates slowly.

      • Matt Ritchey

        The animator who took over the series is obviously going to buy the rights when one is finished, and one will take a royalty. This will turn into something like a A- popularity anime, right by deathnote and behind things like Naruto and Full Metal Alchemist. You should actually look something up before dashing someones hopes with assumptions.

        • Bonecurse

          you assume bullshit and then tell him to look things up before assuming bullshit 😀 gotta love human stupidity.

          • Person

            Most certainly. Tells someone to look something up and not assume things when everything he has wrote is purely subjective.

        • mrMagiccian

          Does we really wanna One-Punch Man to become the new DBZ. Death Note and Full Metal Alchemist were good because they weren’t endless. Naruto and One Piece were good at the begining but after episode 300 you get bored and watch them only becuase you’re obliged to, you wanna see the end (that’s why I read the manga instead). Maybe 40 episodes (3 or 4 seasons) but 100+, hell no. Hey I nearly forgot Attack on Titan which one of the most brilliant animes in the last couple year. It’s not like One-Punch Man because his story can go from A to C and then B, there isn’t a straight storyline. One season now, one after 3 months and maybe bonus episodes (OVAs) about other heroes, because 40% of the people are more hyped about all the other heroes which are 400+ and we have seen only 50 by now. I’m just saying I don’t wannt to see the series ruined by doing the same mistake as DBZ, Naruto or One Piece. If the animator buy the rights he will think first of the money and that’s how you make money, episoed, more and more. Like it is now is fine, season after season. It doesn’t necessary to do episodes every week when the manga pop-up. That’s why I gave Attack on Titan as an example.

          • Ezrad Lionel

            One Punch is very self-aware of the genre it’s in which is why it’s called One Punch Man. I think it can go the distance.

            That said, I’m kinda anti-franchise, as in fuck sequels, prequels, trilogies, spin-offs, and 50+ year old IP.

        • Joshua L

          Took over the series? They only rights they have are for the animation and they would have to make an agreement with ONE, the person who created the series and SELF published it. Even if they took over the series, it wouldn’t be nearly as good without ONE helping with the writing. He came up with all the heroes and villains we’ve come to love others messing with the pot will end up creating another abomination like Dragon Ball GT. (I’d also like to point out ONE HELPED with the writing for the anime episodes, so he’s involved for sure.)

          Madhouse has done long-running series before, so it’s not impossible that ONE might be pulled into writing for either future anime episodes or helping Murata finish up the manga.

    • ase7462


    • Jade

      i want this anime to run until my last breath. not kidding here!

    • qwert

      Then you should buy it and stop watching everything free from internet.

  • Aleksandar Salac Jovanovic

    Im going to invent a time machine if u guys dont speed up these episodes!!

  • Muhd Ilyas ammar bin Rosman

    One punch man it fun to watch 👊

  • Reader

    i must watch episode 11 before i die pleasee!!!

  • Less than 24 hours now.

  • Shanisuu

    I am going through withdrawals. One Punch Man need to happen time now. They are playing with my emotions. Saitama-san come to me!!!

  • Garrey

    I fucking died laughing when Saitama punched Sonic sound’s nuts. I fucking lost it.

  • Tee Vee

    Jose aldo just lost i litterally need eppisode 11 right now please

  • QbeeJr

    i’m still waiting patiently ..

  • ThrillersWithBananas™

    is it broken…

  • Noobongo


  • 1klick2O

    well this one eyed boss will give saitama a slightly good fight because he survived his first punch.

  • Marthinus Bosman

    what time do these episodes usually go online?

  • Ian

    Please !! need more episodes i love this Anime … i dont care about anything else i just want to watch this !

  • saitamas tum

    so am i, Just like every one here. T T Please 11 come come.

  • Jake Roosenbloom

    SAITAMA SENSEI! Please be my master!

  • Whenever I try to play the episode, it gives me an internal server error. Any advice?

    • ase7462

      give it one more week

  • yeetfam


    • ase7462

      no no its not how dare you lie to me

  • ase7462


  • Andy Roosberg

    fuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i anted to see the fight :( no fight this time either vs lord boros

  • Rhydonphilip

    What, I wanted to see an epic battle not wait 3 episodes to see a single proper battle with saitama.

    • Jivana

      What!? This isnt the episode with the epic fight?

  • Nen Master

    Please stop spoiling the episode.

    • afsadfas

      why are you reading the discussion section about the video then rofl

  • Shravan Srinivasan

    Whyyyyyyy???? Why do they do this?? Now, We have to wait for another episode :'( Lord Boros, Screw u! U and Your trash talk wasted so much time (T__T)

    • R3KT

      Yeah, he should’ve summed that up in 20 words or less!!!

  • ase7462

    cliff hangar… cliff hangar? FUCKING CLIFF HANGAR!

    • Squarealpha

      I understand your frustration.

  • Sam


  • Someone

    You know guys that ep.12 is already finished.Why i know this? because i’ve seen ep.12 and the fight is really bad ….it ended in 5 minutes if you jump the conversation between them.So Saitama kill the boss, but wait Saitama have to kill him from more than 1 single punch.The fight you could say was lame in ep.12 but it ended.There will not be a second season.This is the single one.If someone would make this to continue with buying the author rights then good for him,but the original author will end it here.

    • Someone

      Sorry for my english is not my native language

    • fdsfsdfsd


  • Peter Ivanov Jivkov

    he didn’t die!!! there has to be more than 12 episodes! are you kiddingM@!E!>?!

  • ConfusedGuy

    What do they mean final episode!? There’s a bunch more stuff after this! Season 2 soon?

  • :^)

    Saitama dies :^)

  • Guesticle

    next and… :( but this needs like 50 seasons

  • knight3607

    I hate that clock so much…

    • Nathan Miller

      I feel your pain..

    • R3KT

      Just wanna smash it like in the first episode! xD

  • Tydus Photog


  • Louie Auditor

    That boss will die with just one serious serious serious punch of Saitama 😀

  • Confecta

    NOOOO, i wanted to watch the enitre battle 😀 I CAN’T WAIT A WHOLE WEEK aAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

  • Narrow

    I laughed super hard when Saitama punched the one eye’ed dude and he said “You broke the seal of my true power” and he said “Ok…” lmfao

  • Saitama

    Saitama: Oh shit, I didn’t kill him with my one punch. This is going to be fun. *Laugh*
    *punch him again* *dead* xD

  • Brother of Saitama Sensei

    The Strongest Enemy of Saitama is a MAN (HERO class-S) want to prove his power and that’s thru killing heroes. Saitama did not kill the MAN and let him escaped.

  • Tomo


  • Tomo

    Boros kinda looks like broly from dbz

  • AKZz ★ SDMN

    This fight is going to end in 13 seconds like the fight between McGregor and Aldo in the UFC194

  • Stephen M

    Yeah, I didn’t think this had much longevity as good as it is. I mean if he can skill the strongest in the universe then what more is there? I reckon any aliens involved should have done damage to Saitama and spark the desire to become even better (like Naruto and stuff) but I guess this anime goes against all the stereotypical stuff. Maybe he could quit, start a family or become so hated by the public and seen as a cheat that he goes into hiding, only to come out when the treat level is at ‘God’… IDK

    • Ben Walker

      this anime is the stereotypical stuff, the entire character is a ‘what if’ scenario for people with endless power, a what if they didnt have any limits to contain their power. Saitama is what superman would be if he went and spent half of eternity soaking in a sun

      • Ezrad Lionel

        SuperMan isn’t that strong.

        • Scott Comerford

          depends on what version of superman you are reading. Sometimes he is crazygodlike strong.

    • Ezrad Lionel

      Read the manga and I have no clue what happens next

  • Inari

    One Punch man meant to be one punch to kill. It will be spoiled if he delivered more than one except these episode where the amour to save Boros ‘s life. The author is wise to end this fast. It will be short simple and nice. Too much episode will slapped on his own principle. It is neither nice to see keep seeing infinite bosses died with one punch.

  • DynamicDuude

    They sure left us with like saitama level tension. WHY THE CLIFFHANGER??!??!?!

  • Salmaan Abdi

    ep 12 plz

  • R3KT

    How do u dare to end it right there????!!!

  • shadowgod1596

    Poke him in the eye!!!!!!!

  • Glennmaster7

    “The armor that contains my immeasurable power has been broken!”
    *dies of laughter*

  • chetan

    will have to wait till sundayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Emily-Chan Uzumakii

    I suggest reading the manga

  • Shameer Shahzad

    why is it going to be the last ep y plz NO NO NO

  • RaDiOAcTiVe

    THIS is acutally the first beeing that survived one punch from saitam Gratz alien

  • soundslikemelon

    in the next episode of one punch man : our hero saitama will ka-me-ha-me-ha the shit out of the enemy by using his rasengan-gum-gum canon punch of doomed death kill finisher move! so stay tuned!

  • JezuKisuke


  • The fist

    those four s class heroes combined literally are not as strong as his one punch

  • Kevin

    Yeah! The first time that people that aren’t Saitama actually do stuff!

  • Jarod Billingslea

    lol “okay” *blockhead face*

  • Scott Comerford

    I’m gonna be really mad when the official report has Saitama nowhere in it because nobody but genos saw him jump in. If she hadn’t sent the bullets back he would get credit, but now i doubt it.

  • Maiku Shinsei Yakekoge

    ok. i died when he said that. hahahah

  • Bhuvan Doniparthi


  • Paaru Yagami

    Boros: The seal that contained my immersurable power has been broken!
    Saitama: k

  • Rajiv Sporkslede

    The bad guy looks awesome

  • uhygtdrd

    love this anime man!