One Punch Man Episode 10

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One Punch Man Episode 10

One Punch Man Episode 10 – Title: Unparalleled Peril

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  • James D Douglas

    Wow can’t wait till next chapter comes out of the manga version

    • Haters of Haters

      which one?

    • SaRK350

      LOL.. there is not a point in waiting for a manga release, since the last 10 or so chapters were just a copies or variations of a SAME CHAPTER goddamnit :(… It will do you and all of us fans good to just put the manga on hold for a month or twenty..

  • Dodo

    I guess im gonna wait here for another week

  • MaLinz Seng

    i think im just gonna skip this for the next 3 months so i can watch the whole things together T_T

    • Nirupam Mondal

      i feel like u, but the question is can i stay away? i doubt.
      when i start watching, i feel like, plz dont stop, aahhh :/ Breaks my heart T_T

    • memk

      but it’s only 12 episodes long It’ll be done by like december

  • syahm

    i cant fucking wait 4 this anime.. its the best

  • yeet

    Lord Boros is gonna be lit

    • YURR

      you already know! Hes all about senpai, fuck hoes get power

      • Alan Syielta Rave

        the second strongest monster before garou. but still, saitama didnt show his true power yet

        • Daniel Lawson

          Garou isn’t that strong… he knocked his ass out at a whim

          • Alan Syielta Rave

            he almost destroy all s rank people.

          • Haters of Haters

            dude, garou little pinky can send you straight to hell… stfu…

          • Daniel Lawson

            Garou’s little pinky can’t send me to hell… he’s lines on a piece of paper

          • Chayote

            You’re saying that because you didn’t read One Punch Man [ONE], where Garou finally reaches some kind of final form.

          • Daniel Lawson

            I’ve read as far up in the manga as I can find

          • SaRK350

            Dude, I use the same profile pic for my youtube account (google+ bullsh*t).. It’s pure epic…

          • Chayote

            Awesome hahahahaha

  • xCellarxDoorx


    • Obito

      me to

    • Haters of Haters

      lets do project almanac right this moment.

    • Christopher Sambur


    • xXx = ur mum = xXx

      AHHHHH I CAN’T WAIT TIL NEXT [19 hours]!

  • RossRose

    I haven’t been this invested in an anime since I watched deathnote. And that was four years ago.

  • Droghne

    This is the type of anime I watch over and over again

    • William Ngo

      i feel the same

      • garade

        yep same

    • Muhmai Torres

      Dude I feel the same way..

    • Tomo

      same here

  • Lathan Mlg

    you know one punch is all it takes…this guy this so strong he smashed a meteor…he is so strong he made wind with one punch…


    goku+naruto+luffy= Saitama(god baby)

    • richie

      I feel that Goku is stronger, instead of smashing the meteor, he would disintegrate it with a Kamehameha.

      • Bob

        You must be new to One Punch Man.

      • A person

        haha Goku can suck it one punch man is better

  • OneFruitPunchMan

    One… more… day…

  • NoName

    i finished Naruto twice but i really like this this amazing.

    • hayazi96

      Over dedicated to the Ninja world?


    arrggghhhh!!!!!..11 hours more to go!!!! CANT WAIT ANYMORE!!!! LOL..

  • Christopher Jackson

    Almost there guys …. 😀 ended up reading the manga series up to date, now its gonna suck waiting for more episodes… curse my boredom!

  • Maria Jordan

    Whelp, looks like I’m staying up till 5 am to watch the next episode… 6 more hours to go!

  • Gabriel Cevallos

    im waiting

  • Srinivasan Rao

    5 more hours

  • naruto believer

    dont make me effing bull yuh eh hard in your asss ill accelerate it and dismantle it

  • Maria Jordan

    2 more hours!!!! Hello six am, haven’t seen you for a while…

  • Drasky


  • Drasky

    I feel dirty

  • Dodo

    only one more week

  • LunarsKnight777

    I cry every time I hear the ending song :'(

    • Haters of Haters

      do you need a tissue?



  • Jakazid


  • To quote TheScatsbury: “AAAAAALIENS, BITCH!”

  • Kurosaki Ichigo

    A week has a total of 10,080 minutes! And the creators thought (why not give them 24 minutes every week) that’ll keep it going!! Talk about F****** fairness!

    • Ashton Dammion

      Do you realize how time consuming and difficult animation is?

      • SaRK350

        ya, way tougher to create animations such as this then doing CGI…

    • Nathan Miller

      This is hand drawn, not cgi.

  • erwin slawat

    Omg… iam always laughing when i saw his pace….love u saitama….

  • The Sleepyhead Tears

    why do you keep giving us cliffhangers ffffsssssss

  • richie

    I’m curious on what the kid hero with the lollipop can do. I haven’t read the manga yet so I don’t know.

    • Inny Holmes

      In this episode they said that he was a prodogy, must be smart

      • Inny Holmes


  • Gabriel Evtimov

    23 minutes and 25 seconds of joy and happiness and then 1 minute of sadness that i need towa it 1 week! :(

  • Gabriel Evtimov

    22 minutes and 40 secounts of joy and happiness and then 1 minute and 45 secounds of sadness… I have to wait 1 week to see the next episode noooo :((((

  • Muhmai Torres

    Oh gawd! It’s like a torture waiting for the next episode 6days 22hrs 15mins 18sec.

  • thomas uijtendaal

    noooo,now I must wait

  • thomas uijtendaal

    a week!

  • DoctorSpoiler

    I Can’t wait to see boros and saitama clash

  • borf

    NOOO! DON’T END IT THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Haters of Haters

      Come again next week!

  • mert

    Can’t wait for the Saitama’s next ordinary punch.

    • Mert

      Burdada mı ya yok artık

      • mert

        Mertleri mi diyosun? Biz her yerdeyiz yakşıklı.

  • Mer Igos

    This anime is so awesome 😀

  • Itz Lissy

    YAS. Can’t wait for next episode xD

  • Itz Lissy

    Ugh Borors gotta be hype mayn

  • daquan

    i already know wats gonna happen

    • Haters of Haters

      I already know whats gonna happen till the end u sick fuck…

  • Jade

    fastest 24 minutes of my life…

    • Haters of Haters

      shortest 24 minutes in my life, traffic lights takes longer than this…

  • Jordan Navarro


  • josh

    He should have waited till saitama died from old age to attack earth. just saying the hurt….is gonna…hurt.

    • Kevin


    • poko

      this makes me wonder but since Saitama had already exceed his body limit i wonder if he’s even going to die of old age lol well he’s bald though so i’m not sure

  • Lanz XD

    Episode 10 is so COOL !! i like to watch it repeatedly .. lol

  • Lanz XD

    WHY its so LOOOOOONNNNNGGG to wait But SHORT to watch XD …..

  • magicjohnstoned

    Lord Boros! Moon! Spaceship!

    Damn it’s hype!

  • Robert Lago

    Any other animes similar to this i need more.

  • Kevin


  • Kiran Pradhan

    In next episode there wont be one hit kill..

  • Haters of Haters

    god please give me time traveling ability…

  • Haters of Haters

    Been wondering since ages ago if the 1st seat Blast is Saitama or is it some other demonic like strength human? or beast?

  • Kirinin

    So many fucking ads.
    Every time to click on the video just to change the time ad appears and when you close the ad you accidentally close the window with the video. Moderators i know you need money but seriously? You’re ruining it.
    Fix it or your website is fucked.

    • oneshot24

      download adblocker bro

  • LuciFEAR

    Wait whatttttt. Tornado don`t wear panties??????

    • Haters of Haters

      ( – . -) you sick bastard phedo*****

  • DytabZ

    I really don’t understand why Saitama doesn’t want to be recognize as a strong Hero. . .

    • Haters of Haters

      because he do it because he wanted to not because he wants people to admire him… why don’t u watch it over and over again until u understand

  • Azazel

    Bitin amp.

  • Tomo

    LOL siatama

  • Tomo

    lord boros like lord beerus

  • Mikey Vargas

    An anime with great heroes. Haha just waiting for the next and the next and the next.

  • ookoie

    all did not want it to end good episode.

  • ookoie

    just the right amount of humor

  • Emmanuel Enriquez


  • Dillon Stewart

    When Saitama was running through the ship all I could think was this is how I run through dungeons in WoW. just like killing everything and “wheres the boss anyway”

  • erte

    there is no download button… what?

  • poko


    I actually thought the alien boss will look handsome in the anime since he looks kinda hot in the manga. Metal Bat too his face look nice in the manga but so scary in the anime

  • Angelo Abella

    WAAAHHH! I’ve Finally watched it!!! Now I have to go back in the corner and hold my knee while racking back and fort…. Have to wait for another episode!!!!!!!

  • liam

    best story of regicide I know of

  • BRUH


  • Αλαχσνακμπαρ

    jumping on manga

  • Rantnhnaketon Yousha

    Although he defeats all the villains with one punch, there is something in this anime which keeps us hooked

  • Angela Nguyen

    This show is so damn frustrating. Damn you Saitama why do you have to be so chill?!

    • Mer Igos

      Be saitama. ” CHILL ” :)

  • Aleksandar Salac Jovanovic

    Not sure but the next episode could be the last :/

  • Deeznuts69

    Goku would be his ass… lmao this dudes weak as hell

  • Corey Gwaltney

    This is one of my favorite Archs that have been redrawn. I can’t wait or them to get to and finish the human monster arch!

  • garade

    7 more hrs!!!

  • Zain


  • PocketSoThick

    That mysterious S hero rank 1. I think it’s Saitama himself.

  • Waku waku

    i love this anime, no joke, hasnt stopped being funny. but hasnt anyone been dying for it to be as funny as ep 2? or am i the only one that had to keep pausing the anime due to tears of laughter?

  • Akashi_Is_Love_Akashi_Is_Life

    Saitama: The only one who can look cool saying, “I will… Since I got nothing to do.”

  • Bhuvan Doniparthi

    awsome anime

  • Rajiv Sporkslede

    That’s the most funny anime that I ever watched. This episode made me laaughh, hahaha very good anime, funny, good made.

  • Rajiv Sporkslede


  • Ninjaskii123

    Its Godzilla