One Punch Man Episode 1

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One Punch Man  Episode 1

One Punch Man Episode 1 – Title: The Strongest Man

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  • Awesome Sayian

    best action / comedy anime of 2015 WATCH IT GIVE IT A SHOT!

    • Gabestph

      But only one shot.

      With your fist.

  • D4n50f1x

    If he doesn’t have a job then how could he have money ? Plz reply

    • Mer Igos

      It’s anime! Ask the writers :)

    • Ming

      they have companies to sponsor them, we are very lucky to see such good quality anime.

    • IvaintheMCbuilder

      There’s plenty of countries that offer welfare to people that cannot seem to find a job no matter how hard they try. Its not a huge amount, but its usually enough to live a simple life in a small apartment.

    • Mario


  • ase7462

    they can montor just about everything but they cant watch him beat the fuck out of everyone called the subterranians really? and hes c class .-.

    • IvaintheMCbuilder

      they may be able to monitor the cities but they can’t monitor his dreams

      • ase7462

        thats pretty deep man like up to my nuts in guts deep damn…

  • Deeznuts69

    Shitty they need to add more shit to these videos

  • dpac154

    Honestly i don’t understand the hype of this show. all i see is just a big cluster of animes we grew up with. No originality and the show is just about punching and mindless destruction of the city. I don’t understand it. But then again, maybe i just have to watch a few more episodes.

    • stonedtodeath

      it’s a parody of those animes. if you can’t see the creativity behind this then the problem is with you, not the show

      • Mario

        Shots fired

        • cal

          Actually.. Just one shot was fired..

    • gemboku

      just watch it, the story start become serious when he got his disciple “genos”

  • gamma-minus


  • RockyJohan

    My japanese is a bit rusty….

  • ヤチェのみ


  • SparklyTaco

    @~@ s-sub version… P-please….